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May there be no war in the peaceful world. May there be no helpless separation. May waiting have a date of return.

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About Flow Time: About Us
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About Flow Time: About Us

About the "Time Flow" series of artistic creation. The "Time Flow" is a series of artistic creations. It expresses my understanding for the time and life, my awareness of myself at present, and the question where I am going. I feel the pulse of life and the passage of time. What is it about the flow of time that pulls us? The happiness or sorrow in the past or in the future?

About Flow Time: About Us


In the painting “Pulse of Life”, color blocks similar to the church’s colored glass is likened to different states of life. People’s life is like a tree, from luxuriant branches to withering. Sometimes we live, and sometimes we die. sometimes we are happy, and sometimes we are sad. Because everything is in the eternal will of God, only by looking up to the God and seeking him can life shine.

About Flow Time: About Us
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About Flow Time: About Us
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